Tired. Sleeeepy. Veery veery sleepy.

We had our photoshoot for the business today. I’m not quite sure what BP and I had imagined in our head it would be like. Getting our photographer to snap a few shots while we swanned round decadently on location, casually arranging garments artfully and quaffing champagne, before calling it a wrap two hours later and heading home?

Needless to say, it was not like this. It was about as ‘not like this’ as it could get actually. All I can say is thank goodness toddlers were not present, otherwise the near impossible day would have actually been utterly and completely impossible. DB1 was actually at home, enjoying a nice Daddy day instead. Phew. However, DB2 was very much present. And making his presence felt.

My day started at 6am. I say that, but actually, it is probably more factually accurate to point out that it started at 7am the previous day, given that DB2 only afforded me a mere 2 hours of broken sleep last night. Seriously, I actually started laughing at 3am, as it was so precictable. Of course DB2 would wait until the night before the photoshoot to make mummy’s life as difficult as possible! This is what little babies LIVE to do, isn’t it?? It only stands to reason, doesn’t it! Fortunately OH didn’t hear me cackling away in bed next to him though…he might have been a bit freaked out. (probably about as freaked out as the evening before, when I apparently cryptically told him to ‘Turk-back’ when I was on the loo. Nope, I don’t know what it meant either.)

The drive down to Exeter was a nightmare of me frantically trying to stay awake by singing along (in increasingly more frantic and anguished fashions) to various CDs while DB2 cried and moaned in the back, releasing foul bursts of awful noxious wind at choice intervals. We then had the fun and games of hopping from BPs house, to photographers house, to petrol station (where I got embarrassingly beeped at by an indignant lorry driver, which was justified I suppose, as I’d parked by the lorry petrol pump. And clearly, though sizeable, our Nissan doesnt quite qualify as a HGV.) to BPs inlaws, before finally arriving at our location.

By this point, DB2 was quite beside himself. Even the resident dog, a cheery littlest hobo type mutt called ‘Badger’, who was so good natured he didn’t raise a bark even when I accidentally sat on his tail, didn’t get a smile from DB2. Nothing was making this little boy happy today.

So my morning was punctuated by juggling a weepy baby and attempting to be of some sort of use as BP and photographer set up the hugely complicated set for our garments. Which involved suspending a heavy gilt frame from the ceiling and rigging up some heavy painted plywood on an easel. No to mention all the various lights and filters required. I realise now how naive I was, imagining it was as simple as just pointing a camera at the clothes and clicking the button!

By 4pm, we were still nowhere near complete. And all of us were exhausted. Alas, I had to bail out at this point, and poor BP had to struggle on (I think she’s still there now!) Driving home was, if anything, more perilous than driving down, as this time I was contending with thick fog rolling in from the sea, and torrential rain. And it was pitch black. Oh, and DB2 had started crying again.

2 hours later, and I must confess, I felt quite glad to walk through the door and see my DB1, sitting snuggled on the sofa with his daddy. Its funny, he drives me mad at times, but I really do miss him when he’s not there… It’s like having a limb cut off (albeit a somewhat irritating limb, that is often too loud.)