Have you ever been to the zoo and watched the monkeys in their enclosure? You know the ones, the mental small ones that bound around leaping from branch to branch, screaming, howling and beating seven shades of shit out of each other?

That was DB1 and his little mate this morning, round our house. Sheer and complete pandemonium.

The day started rather more sedately, with a visit to feed the ducks and a trip to the park. It was positively relaxing up to this point. We ate flapjacks in the crisp November air, the boys all rosy cheeked and chipper, and all enjoying the day.

Then we got home. And the boys went berserk. It was as though someone flicked a switch on their backs, from ‘normal’ to ‘complete mentalist’. They managed to 1) break the tv, 2) nearly break the DVD player, 3) lick DB2 (he quite liked it, if the giggles were anything to go by), 4) climb on the coffee table, 5). Climb on the kitchen table, 6) make more noise collectively than twenty car alarms at close range.

By the end of it, I felt as though I’d aged about ten years. Then of course, DB1 refused his nap, resulting in him getting steadily more and more grumpy as the afternoon progressed. Add this to DB2 teething horrendously, drooling copiously and gnashing his poor little red gums on every object within grabbing distance, and you can imagine, we had a fun time of it.

When OH walked in after work,I pretty much threw both of the boys at him. Poor bloke. Stressful day at the office, and then to receive a griping toddler and a grizzly baby in his arms the moment be got through the front door!