We headed Bristolwards today, to see OH’s sister and her new beau.

Trips as far afield as Bristol tends to be somewhat fraught with trepidation. Will they sleep in the car? We wonder. If they do, will they then be awake all evening to compensate (believe me, our two boys like to firmly disprove the old adage that ‘sleep breeds sleep’.)? If they don’t sleep, will they then spend the entire time grizzling? Will we have to endure an extended period of horrible loud wailing noises, in a small, enclosed space? Neither option terribly appealing.

As it happened, to even things up, one slept the entire time, the other moaned and stropped for a fairly good portion of it. We did our best to provide amusement, listening to his music of choice (Metronomy- The English Riviera…exceptionally good taste), and then narrating endless stories about various animals, all invariably named by DB1 as ‘Danky’, ‘Minky’ or ‘Dap’, or rather, should I say (with lots of energetic spitting, DB1 style)! ‘DAP!’.
I’ve learnt something quite profound with DB1 and his love of storytelling actually. Telling stories is only fun the first few times. Fifty requests for stories later, it becomes somewhat…shall we say…tedious. The stories start off as lengthy imaginative outpourings, filled with excitement and creativity, and end up being single sentences along the lines of ‘once there was a horse called ‘Mincy’. (exhausted pause). The End.’ Which, understandably, leads DB1 to become rather frustrated and even more grizzly than before.

However, thanks to the restorative powers of snacks (bribing children to be quiet with tasty treats is always a winner) we made it there without having nerves or tempers too badly frayed.

We enjoyed a pleasant enough meal before heading to the museum, which, believe it or not, is a favourite activity of our two year old son. Yes, he is a geek just waiting to blossom I think, just like his mother and father. DB1 was particularly enthused by the presence of a dinosaur skeleton. So much so, that we couldn’t actually look round anything else.

‘Look darling, a great black backed gull!’
‘Can I can I see dinosaur?’
‘Hey, look, a snake!’
‘Can I can I see the dinosaur?’
‘Well, look at this, here are some cool hieroglyphics!’ (I was grabbing at straws with this one, admittedly.)
‘Can I can I….’
‘Oh for gods sake, yes! Yes! Let’s go and see this sodding dinosaur.’

And then, when we got to the dinosaur, DB1 decided it was a ‘bit scary’. See also: ‘scary gorilla’. ‘scary tiger’. ‘scary Irish deer’. About 60% of the displays there were deemed ‘a bit scary’ in fact. So we spent a long time in the play area, in the cafe and letting DB1 yank levers up and down that moved a mini dinosaur head. Sorted.