I am happy to report, that we have had a good day today, despite OHs untimely departure at 5am this morning, for the chilly climes of the North.

DB1 seemed more returned to his usual sunny self, though I do wonder just how much of it was to do with his gleeful delight at being promised a trip round the Weymouth Sealife Centre. To be honest, I was rather baffled at the enthusiastic response, especially given that the previous visit seemed to consist mostly of DB1 running frantically out of each room into the pouring rain, shrieking ‘I DON’T LIKE IT! I DON’T LIKE IT!’.

However, none the less, DB1s mood continued to wax cheerful, until we arrived, and with natural timing, the heavens opened. Undeterred, and determined to maintain the cheerful atmosphere, I duly strapped DB2 into his sling and grasped DB1 by the hand, ignoring his fretful clamouring about not liking the rain.

I even managed to continue the bright smile (albeit through gritted teeth) when I noticed that the sodding opening time had been put back half an hour for the winter. ‘Its ok’ I claimed brightly, dragging DB1 firmly by the arm, as he looked dangerously close to wailing and plonking his buttocks firmly down on the muddy ground in a statement of defiance. ‘Lets go exploring!’.

So off we trudged, with DB2 now grizzling too, round a bit of soggy grassland and a few closed attractions (‘Sandworld’ anybody? Any guesses what it even is? I had images of just a bigger than average sandpit, knowing this area and its notoriety for producing crap things to do). For half an hour. In the rain.

Fortunately, the nice lady in the sea life centre let us in a bit earlier, out of pity. But I must say, after this unfortuitous beginning, we had a surprisingly pleasant time. DB1 had a great time telling DB2 all about the fishes, though I felt some of his facts might have been a bit on the fallacious side (in particular, the claim that the crabs were flying crabs was somewhat dubious.) which DB2 dutifully looked most interested in. DB1 also had a great time informing me that his nappy was ‘a bit wet’. I lifted up his coat, only to see that the weight of this nappy (for ‘a bit wet’ please substitute ‘so sodden you could have wrung it out’) had managed to pull the whole thing down to his knees, trousers and all. Poor love. I knew I shouldn’t have given him all that apple juice before we left. So the sea lions copped a cracking eyeful of Danny’s mini meat and two veg whilst I struggled with a new nappy, still with Dylan in the sling, flailing around and generally getting in the way.

And whilst on the topic, DB1 completely baffled me in the car on the way home by informing me that his ‘willy was stuck in a hole’. I turned round to check that, by some alarming method, he hadn’t wedged it into his toy train (his special car toy) or something similarly dreadful, but no. I suppose in DB1s strange little head, it meant something…Strange strange child.