What is it that they put in chocolate exactly? I know there is a whole load of sugar and other such unhealthy produce, but I swear, looking at DB1’s reaction whenever he consumes it in any quantity, that they also put in a large dose of illegal narcotics as well.

Seriously, the boy was high as a kite yesterday. It was like the equivalent of having a small tornado/ laser beam, zipping round the room with a high pitched screech and bouncing off walls. He was often more of a blurry flash of extreme noise and commotion than a physical entity. I was just vaguely aware of little sentences drifting past my ears every so often, most commonly ‘can I have some more choooccccccoooolaaaatte, mummmmmmmeeeeeeee…’ before hurtling off again. We took him to Hestercombe Gardens, in the hope that letting off the leash to maniacally tear around some ornamental shrubbery might burn a bit off, but as the sodding entry fee was a tenner each, we just opted for the cheap version, which was letting him bomb his way round the playground just outside for a little while. Before going to the cafe and buying him a cake. I know!! What are we like? We’re our own worst enemy! (It’s that impossible thing as a parent though, isn’t it…trying to resist that little Disney character wide-eyed look of desperate appeal that your cunning offspring somehow instinctively knows how to do to perfection.)

Easter. You’ve got to love it. Jesus (depending on your belief) died for all our sins, ergo, our children consume large amounts of chocolate to celebrate this fact. Or indeed, pagans celebrated new life, we celebrate a fresh opportunity in our calendar year to widen our waistlines a bit more. Its a bit odd, when you stop to think about it. Anyone refresh me on the link between cruxifiction and chocolate?

Not that I’m complaining. I’m one of those awful parents who not only feeds their tiny child lots of the stuff, but also nicks it from them when they aren’t looking. Well…he wouldn’t have got through it all on his own, come on. He’s only two…