It’s been a while. I apologise, I really do. We’ve been somewhat busy as of late, what with being BACK IN EXETER!! OH had two weeks off, which just seemed to pass in a chaotic blur of assembling flat pack furniture, affixing it to walls, catching it when it fell off the wall, re-affixing it on walls, and managing an increasingly frustrated DB1 and an increasingly bonkers DB2 at the same time. Not to mention repainting kitchen units, replacing the lino (OH ripped the old one…the fourth time he’s done that in four houses), and all the other myriad jobs involved with uprooting from one existence to another.

And here we are, two weeks into our new (and still somewhat cluttered and unorganised) house, OH has returned to work, and immediately been summoned off to Peterborough for the better part of the week, and I am immersed I into the old routine once more.

However, hasnt quite been running as smoothly as perhaps I was used to. I hadn’t anticipated the following things for starters.
1) That DB1 would suddenly and abruptly turn into a crazed mentalist and start bouncing off the (luridly painted…that’s next on the to-do list) walls, unless entertained every minute of the day.
2) That he would also develop a distinct fondness for bellowing the word ‘NO’ at me, sometimes even before hearing the question/ request.
3) That DB2 would, and naturally at the very same time that OH walked out the door to go away for work, suddenly enter a hellish growth spurt, complete with endless inconsolable weeping and indignant, red faced, bleary eyed glares.
4) That he would also pick the exact same time to develop a sense of defiance, and persist in trying to a) open the oven, b) climb the attic stairs, c) pull open all the drawers and take everything out, including the meat cleaver (now removed…), d) yank every single DVD and book of our shelves and then tread on them. Over and over again. And then cry (again, inconsolably, with enraged expression) if I dare attempt to stop him.

I have also been socked in the face twice (once by both- though DB2, despite being only 11 months, packed by far the more powerful punch. Talk about left hook.), I’ve had tantrums from DB1 over putting on suntan cream, and also over daring to suggest that he tried a mouthful of his chicken and butternut squash pie. Tantrums at the park, due to it being too hot. Yes, apparently I should now also have a thermostatic control of the sun too. Ironic, given that only 48 hours ago, it was too cold. Hmm.

All this aside, it has been great being back. Back in the city! Back to somewhere with a bit of oomph and a bit of life! Walking back from town, we passed a second hand shop with a dreadlocked black dude sitting outside on an old wicker chair, his 80s ghetto blaster blaring out…and I found myself thinking, yep, this is what suits us better. Less restraint, more life. Less polite and subtle, and more in yer face and honest. I think DB1 is enamoured with it too. Or certainly he is with the museum anyway. Hey, it has toys in it. He’s sold!