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I must say, that since starting to run a business, I have learnt a whole lot of things. Some of them really quite unanticipated. Some of them learnt in an enjoyable fashion, most learnt the hard way and involving a healthy dose of stressing and swearing. Some of them fascinating. Some of them mind-wrenchingly tedious. (Excel spreadsheet formulas, you know I’m talking about you, you evil evil things.)

This last week, we’ve learnt yet another interesting little snippet of info. Duvets are NOT called duvets in other countries. And before you all get smart on my ass, I’m referring to English speaking countries as well, as I am fully aware that the French do not call it ‘le duvet’. Nope, they don’t. It’s ‘couette’.(smug smile fixed on face, even though yes, I had to refer to an online dictionary to find out this piece of information.)

I found out, for example, that the Americans call it a comforter. Makes sense I suppose. They are excessively comforting, especially after one too many rum and cokes and curry, when one’s stomach is gurgling around like a badly functioning tumble dryer. (ahem.) And today, I found out, from a lovely customer in Australia, that our Antipodean friends call them ‘doonas’. Bet you didn’t know that, eh! I love it. It sounds so very Australian. Come to think of it, I literally cannot imagine an Australian using the word ‘duvet’ at all, it just sounds so very frumpy and ponderous when you say it out loud.Much better to say ‘G’day mate, I’m just gonna tuck down under me doona for the night’ than ‘oh I do so love tea and biscuits under my crisp white cotton duvet.’ Well, there’s an occasion for both ways, perhaps.

One thing I have yet to find out though, is how on earth our business, http://www.pipsgarden.co.uk, got to be number one on Google. Seriously, imagine my shock and surprise when I clocked it there, underneath ‘personalised bedding’. I whooped with glee, then started to worry. How had it got there? What machinations were whirring at Google HQ to make this happen? Who was checking our website out without us knowing it? Eh? Eh?

But still. Very thrilling. Yes, business partner and I are still at that stage where things like that REALLY excite us. We actually had a whole phone conversation today based around the sound of squeals and shrieks. Men hate that, don’t they, by the way. Have you ever noticed how a bloke visibly cringes when a woman makes that noise? That noise that invariably is accompanied by a frantically flapping hand, as though trying to encourage their face to lift off their head and take off into the sunset?

DB1 and DB2 were perturbed by this sudden, strange bout of squeaking. They didn’t so much as cringe, but just both gave each other a complicit look and a nod, as if to say, ‘yep, we knew it. She’s finally flipped.’ before slipping quietly out of the room.

They are probably right. That’s another thing you learn when your run a business actually. Sometimes, just sometimes, it makes you go a bit mental. But in a good way.