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Business partner and I are feeling very dynamic about Pip’s Garden at the moment. (www.pipsgarden.co.uk). And so we should do, after the slog that has gone into it recently.

Over the last week, I don’t think there has been a single evening where we haven’t been working on the website until at least midnight. And then both of us having to get up bright and early with the kids the following day… (though I have deep, DEEP envy for BP, given that her kids sleep in til 7am. My two hyperactive menaces like to wake us at 5:30, generally by bouncing on our heads, clambering over our torsos, pulling our hair, dribbling on to our faces etc etc.)

The thing with tweaking websites though, is that you are never really finished. You think you are. You smugly lean back on your chair, hit the ‘shut down’ button on the laptop and cruise downstairs, already mentally reaching inside the fridge for the remaining Pinot Grigio and a big fat bar of chocolate.

(Ps – image above, quite similar to my expression of bliss / mild drunkeness after a glass of wine. Don’t judge me, I’ve not drunk properly for years thanks to pregnancy and breastfeeding two boys…)

You sit in front of the TV, letting out an over-exaggerated ‘AHHHHH’ of relaxation (mainly just to push home to OH how hard you’ve been working, so he knows he is expected to a) fetch drinks, and b) massage legs.) And then, like magic, literally 10 minutes later, you suddenly remember something else really vital that you had meant to do earlier with the website and had forgotten.

It is relentless.

But surely, finally, tonight, we must be finished. We must be. So, shall I dare to shut down the computer and finally declare that Pip’s Garden’s website is officially spruced to the nines and ready to do business with whoever so fancieth her?

Yeah! Let’s do it! Please do enter and browse and hopefully enjoy. Here’s the link http://www.pipsgarden.co.uk – all sorts of personalised goodies, personalised baby tops, personalised dressing gowns, personalised rompers, personalised pillow cases, personalised towels…hey, you get the idea. There’s a re-occuring theme here.

PS – haven’t forgotten the business tips either, just been snowed under with the aforementioned. And obviously still shuddering with embarrassment after recent events (read the previous post if you haven’t already…oh the mortification!)