Sorry everyone. I truly am. I have woefully neglected writing for some time, and I duly apologise.

However, in my defense, I have been somewhat busy. When I say somewhat, that is putting it mildly. Pip’s Garden has been mental and we have had more orders than you can shake a stick at. All wonderful of course, but we’ve had a few complicated ones, that have kept us up at night fretting in the darkness. We’ve also been working on our bedding….and all I can say is oh my goodness. The newly improved bedding is looking amazing. But you’ll have to wait until our grand ‘reveal’ on Monday…

Then there is the freelance work I’ve taken on, to go into the ‘holiday pot’. Which has cost me many evenings.

Then, of course, there is the usual fun of the boys. DB2 had, thankfully, overcome his mental owth spurt and is now back to being our normal, dimply, smiley little man. However, the growth spurt has brought about a few intriguing ‘upgrades’. The language seems to have suddenly come on a bit (though mostly DB2 relies on grunting in a caveman type style to be understood) and he is now pointing at things and bellowing ‘THAT! THAT!’ until we give in and provide him with what he wants. We’ve also got this hilarious little ‘YEAH?’ that he employs when you ask him a question. E.g: ‘DB2, do you want a snack?’

‘DB2, do you want milk?’
‘Yeah!!’ (generally whilst pelting over to the fridge)

‘DB2, did you just fart?’
‘YEAH!’ (with gleeful face)

Which brings me briefly on to- why are males more windy than females? Seriously, I live in a house with three males and the amount of noxious gas that is pumped out on a daily basis would fell an elephant. It really is unpleasant. I sit there in the evening and all you can hear (and generally smell) is their little bottoms guffing out yet more rancid, eggy farts. Sometimes it sucks being the only female in a house, it really does.