I think every busy mummy out there has a time of the week that she really looks forward to as ‘me time’.

Not that that doesn’t mean we enjoy time with our kids. No siree. But sometimes there is something rather blissful about momentarily taking the ‘mummy hat’ off and putting the ‘silly, immature, still a teenager really‘ hat on instead. If only for a little while.

My special ‘me time’ is Saturday nights. Cor blimey, I do love ’em. Friday nights, also good. But not quite so good, as inevitably myself and OH have work to faff around with, and are generally just a wee bit too tired to fully relish. But Saturday nights? Oh, Saturday nights are paradise.

Especially when Strictly Come Dancing is on. Each Saturday, come 6:30pm, I gleefully pass DB2 on to OH, race to the fridge to seize a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and land my backside with a satisfying thud on the sofa, just in time for it to start. (never mind if Db2 is howling. Nope. Not tonight, tonight Mummy is enjoying STRICTLY time. So Daddy can settle tonight, if you don’t mind..l)

And now, two glasses of wine, one enormous Balti wrap meal and a snack box of chocolate buttons and nuts later, I am curled up once more with OH, watching a documentary on The Kinks…and blissfully enjoying the momentary peace and quiet.

Until 4am, when DB2 wakes us as usual and we return to our usual roles as Mummy and Daddy….