I hope you all appreciated the sarcasm dripping from the title, oozing liberally all over this blog.

I would like to point out, for the sake of fairness, that DB1 is doing very well with his toilet training. I can’t complain. But I’m going to complain anyway, just for a laugh.

Here are, in no particular order, the Reasons why I LOVE Toilet Training.

1) The unforgettable delight of discovering wee on the bathroom floor on an average of about five times a day.

2) The further delight of treading in it. Barefoot. Late at night. Joy.

3) Sitting down on the seat, and realising that it had wee on it. Then suffering the indignity of having to clean ones bottom off as a result.

4) Sitting down on the seat and suddenly realising that the reason your bottom really is rather uncomfortable is because the minute child seat is still in place and digging directly into your bare arse cheeks.

5) Clearing up endless unpleasant skid marks in the toilet bowl, as his little bottom can’t (ahem) direct the poos in the correct direction.

6) Racing around desperately, armed with toilet roll,trying to pin your child down to wipe their bottom before it goes everywhere.

7) Cleaning down the sofa because it has gone everywhere.

8) Continually asking whether they need the loo to remind them, until you get to the point where you seriously think, if you say the phrase ‘do you need a poo poo / wee wee’ one more time, your head might implode.

It’s fun and games. It really is. When you next find yourself moaning about nappies, think of this. And wince.