Yeech. What a morning. Actually, nope, I’m going to go further than that. What a fortnight. Things have been building up with Pip’s Garden ( which is obviously fantastic and just what we wanted, but at the same time, juggling a frenetic business with raising two laser-beams / impish hobgoblins / crazy little boys (delete as applicable), plus doing a lot of freelance work to bring in a few extra pennies – as everything from the business is currently being poured back into the business…and you’ve got a tired, stressed out, frazzled old me.

Which basically resulted in me, at 4am this morning, clutching OH in a fit of sweaty terror (with DB2 sleeping between us, barking like a seal, as the poor love has croup), declaring that I was having a heart attack.

(A video still from the ‘classic’ Madness track, Cardiac Arrest. Mainly because I’ve been humming it all day, in a self mocking derisive fashion, to undermine the last remaining vestiges of my own self-worth.)

I honestly did think I was. I’ve been having the most dreadful chest pains for two weeks now, combined with dizzy spells (eg nearly passing out in the bank…do you think that would have made them pity me to the extent that they willingly extended my overdraft exponentially?) and all sorts. Anyway, this morning, the chest pain was accompanied by the dreaded ‘Numb Left Arm.’

Now, on a serious note here, all should be aware that a numb left arm is a classic sign of cardiac arrest. However, all should also be aware (and here is where I need to take note) that it is also a classic sign of sleeping on your arm a bit funny.

Anyway, never one to listen to my own voice of reason, I hurtled down to A&E, convinced of my own demise. Ahem. Three hours, four ECGs, 2 blood tests, one passing out and one truly bloody awful cannula in the hand later, I stumbled, bleary eyed, out again. And felt a bit silly.

But hey. All I can say is, better safe than sorry. And also…14 nights of seriously virtually no sleep can kind of have that effect.


So here’s to the next 14 nights…cheers!