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Sometimes, the strangeness of the things that come out of my mouth, since being a parent, amaze even me. Just now was a beauty.

‘No, DB2! Don’t grab Buddha! We do not play with deities!’

Honestly. We ‘do not play with deities’?? To a 16 month year old? What was I thinking? See also my vitriolic rant at DB1, when he happened to rip one of his books, where I completely went off on one, and ended up with the classic concluding comment of ‘we respect literature!’. To a (then) 2 year old. Telling him to ‘respect literature.’

(Buddha himself, no doubt holding the hand up, as if to say ‘Please. Girl. No. Don’t speak such…crap.)

Anyway, imbecilic, age inappropriate comments aside, we’ve been busy busy bees recently. Allow me to just pause to wipe the sweat from my brow.

I should have known, just as a matter of course, that Pip’s Garden would go absolutely stratospheric as soon as Pip announced she was having a week’s break. Should have guessed. No sooner had she departed, declaring uncontactability unless dire circumstances arose, then of course, all the orders started pouring in. All wonderful of course, not complaining, but there was me, frantically trying to juggle it all, in addition to a myriad of other issues, such as arranging Pip’s interview with the Daily Mail without her actually being present and trying to conduct an interview of my own, whilst cooking for the boys and generally trying not to swear as they screamed, caterwauled and howled in the background…well, to conclude, it’s been frantic.

Not to mention the freelancing. Now, sadly, even though Pip’s Garden is currently doing rather well, we are yet to draw a salary. As any new business owner knows, all you make goes right back into the business, and initially you don’t see a penny of it. Hence the additional job, writing copy for websites, and blogs and that type of thing. Heh. It keeps me busy. (understatement of the year alert.)

But this morning, I thought no, enough is enough. I’m going to enjoy some quality time with the lads. We went to the museum and had a lunch out. It was lovely. Though – amusingly enough, far more exhausting than working.

So my official conclusion to today’s blog is – respect the full time mummy. Bow down to her. She probably does a sterling job and is full on knackered, twenty-four seven. And, also, respect the working mummy.

In fact, respect to all mummies. How do we do it, eh?