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Last night’s sleeplessness reached new lows.

At 2:30am, we heard the familiar (and entirely unwelcome) sound of DB2, grunting, muttering irritably and eventually bellowing through the monitor.

Five minutes later, he was tucked up in bed with us. All well, you would think. Time to resume sleep again. Alas, no. DB2 has a bit of a rule system going on with his sleep.

rule number one thou shalt let me sleep on you. Not next to you. On you.

rule number two thou shalt make sure I have lots of duvet under my bottom, thus ensuring I am well cushioned. If this leaves you with none, then I’m afraid thou shalt have to deal with it.

rule number three thou shalt listen, whilst lying in the darkness, to me snoring and snuffling. If it irritates thou, then so much the better.

rule number four thou shalt tolerate it when I choose to smack you in the face randomly with a limb, or dribble on you. Deal with it, woman.

I could go on.

Having said that, I did manage to get an awful lot of work done. So that is a bonus I suppose. Erm, perhaps I should thank DB2 for helping me out there, forcing me into a position of getting work completed? Thanks! Thanks DB2!

However, please don’t make a habit of it. For my sanity. Please??


Tenner says this is what he’s doing, at around 9am. Oh, to be a baby!