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Business partner and I were lucky enough yesterday to have a good old chat with the owner and founding father of the Gro Company. Yes, that company… the ones who make Gro-bags, Gro-clocks etc etc.

(and may I just say – if you have a little person who seems convinced that 5am is an ok and all round acceptable time to emerge into your bedroom, jump of the bed and bellow directly into your eardrum…then you NEED a Gro clock. Now. Two words. Sanity Saver.)

It was truly very interesting. Now obviously, in the grand scheme of things, Pip’s Garden is pretty fledgling. In comparison to Gro Company, he’s the big eagle, soaring those retail skies, hoovering up all the business, and we’re the little scrawny, sparsely feathered runty chick, teetering on a branch, attempting to flap our wings and just get ‘off the ground’ as it were.

However, as Rob Holmes emphasised – we all start somewhere. The Gro Company weren’t an overnight success. It’s taken him 12 years to get to where he is today. And, considering we’ve only been officially trading since February, this suddenly made me feel really proud.

Now, don’t panic. I’m not about to embark on some vainglorious, indulgent brag about all our successes etc. In fact, quite the reverse. We’ve had cash flow worries a plenty, we’ve had sales fall through, go wrong, we’ve had chaos galore. And there have been times where I think my business partner and I would have happily throttled one another on the spot. (you can see it in my business partner’s eyes sometimes…she gets that flinty, steely glint to her eye, and for a brief moment, I do fear for my life. She’s only 5ft 2, but she packs a mean punch.)

But, it made me reflect on how far we’d come. From those first days, sitting in my business partner’s dining room, huddled round the table and jotting down our initial ideas, whilst bouncing babies; to now, running a business. A proper business!

So thank you, Rob Holmes, for your insightful speech, and the numerous tips you gave us when you took the time out to talk to us for ages. (that meant a lot. Nice bloke.) But thank you more for reminding us that we’re doing ok.

To finish up, he came out with a quote, which I am now going to ruthlessly steal. I’m not normally a ‘quote’ kind of girl, but this one I liked.

‘Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t; either way, you are probably right.’

That is so so so true.