Everything has gone BONKERS today, I swear it! (and yes please, here is the moment where you need to start humming the Dizzee Rascal song under your breath, as a simple sound track to this entry.)

The boys? Completely bonkers. DB1…well, put it like this. This morning, when he hurtled like a cannon ball into our room and proceeded to twitch around spasmodically under the covers, in my bleary, half asleep state, I was convinced I was sharing a bed with a flapping eel or something. Seriously, he has difficulties staying still at the best of times, but this level of fidgeting and wiggling around is unprecendented, even for him.

DB2 – has officially entered a whole new world of grizzle. I think it’s another tooth. Honestly, I’ve grown to loathe the emergence of his teeth. What we get, per tooth (and bear in mind, thats over twenty of the bloody things to begin with, not to mention the rest of them when this lot fall out) is an outpouring of misery. His normally very affable, adorably round little potato face crunches up into a reddened, mushy ball of pain. And all we hear, all day is the walls, literally shaking with the force of his disgruntled howls.

I feel for him, I really do. It must be utterly miserable. I’ve had tooth ache myself, I know what it feels like. But…er…it is also (um, how can I say this without sounding really harsh?) it is also quite annoying.

It’s dreadful, isn’t it. You love your kids SO much. You would do anything for them, and hate to see them in pain. But at the same time, sometimes you do wish there was a mute button. Of course, I am joking really. I do feel bad for him. Oh, his little purple cheeks and consumate dribbling! He is so very cross looking!

Anyway, in addition to that craziness, Pip’s Garden has soared off into sudden new stratospheres of crazy. We are working all hours to get the orders done. Now, of course, this is FANTASTIC. We are certainly not complaining, not one bit. But it is just unbelievably frantic. Funny enough, the item that everyone seems to be going for, is the pillow cases. I have to admit, they are one of my favourites – especially the ‘love story’ ones. (see, there is a romantic in me! I told you!!) You can check them out here if you like!



So, its all go at the moment. All crazy, crazy, crazy. And lets not forget that a certain muggins (yep…me.) has volunteered to host Christmas this year. Which is about 6 weeks away.


Without further ado, I bid you goodbye. I am about to play doctors with the boys (I always end up being the patient with ‘a bad upset tummy’, why is that??) and digitise lots of orders. Wish me luck!!