I’m not sure if it is the case that my eldest son was easier. Or perhaps, time has erased my memory, as time so often does.

But, in all honesty, I do not remember DB1 being nearly so NAUGHTY as DB2.

It is a terrible thing, feeling that your 17 month old is actually smarter than you. That he is actually capable of outsmarting you on a fairly regular basis. That he actually seems to quite enjoy making you sweat with panic every five minutes or so.

Let me just recap, in no particular order, some of the events of the last few days.

1) DB2 throws entire bowl of shreddies and milk over the floor. Interestingly, he picks the exact moment that I turn my back for ten seconds. He is very good at this uncanny timing.

2) DB2 manages to pull about 40 books (and this isn’t actually an exaggeration) from the book shelf in the phenomenal record time of about five seconds, whilst we are trying to ‘settle down for bed’.

3) DB2 pulls an entire cup of squash off the side of the unit, so it floods the kitchen floor. He then splashes around gleefully in it, ensuring that a complete change of outfit is thus required.

4) DB2 pulls a carefully wrapped Christmas present off the table, seizes the beautifully artful raffia bow on it, and rips it off, taking half the immaculately folded paper with it.
He laughs. A lot.

5) DB2 hides the back door keys. I don’t manage to locate them until about five hours later, and even then, that was only by pure chance. He looked fairly disgruntled that I managed to find them.

6) DB2 decides that going to sleep is definitely not something he wants to entertain, so sods around for an hour and a half, bouncing around the bed, whining, hitting me in the face, then howling and rubbing his eyes in abject tired misery when I give up and take him downstairs. Note – he only does this when OH is away. Like clockwork. (its definitely a plot.)

7) DB2 hits the laptop just as I finish writing a blog for a client (I also moonlight with a bit of freelancing from time to time.) Typically, I have yet to hit the save button, so half an hour’s worth of writing disappears into the ether.

I could continue. The list could actually continue for at least another three pages. At least. But you get the gist, anyway. My 17 month old son outwits me every time and seems very aware of this ability, and uses it to the max. I’m exhausted!!!

The lack of settling last night had a hideous knock on effect, in that I didn’t get started with all the digitising that needed doing until rather late. Which meant I missed ‘America’s Next Top Model’ which believe me guys, is actually one of the highlights of my week. I missed it last week too, due to being in the office in Plymouth, frantically packing up orders, until about 10pm.

It is hard work, juggling children and a business! However, on a brief business note, things are going amazing at the mo. We had a wobble back in October, a real moment of panic; as we owed lots of money for ads taken out etc – but the madness of all the orders we’ve received in November has been so heartening; it’s like all the hard work and unpaid hours we’ve poured into this are finally paying off. I know it sounds a bit geeky, but it is so exciting still – seeing the orders coming in, and thinking ‘wow, people actually like our things!’

PS – on a business note, I was in touch with an old friend from Cambridge last night; she is a massive inspiration, as she’s been running her own business for years and years. If you are in Cambridge at all, do check her out. They also have events up and running across the world – it is so exciting and impressive! The company is called ‘Live The City’ (www.livethecity.com) and among other things, they offer you the chance to really explore the location you are in, from the inside out, with a self-guided tour and lots of fascinating and little known facts. I lived in Cambridge for years, but when I did their tour, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about the place, and how much there was that I just hadn’t properly looked at before! Plus, you get to return to their HQ and take part in a fun, interactive quiz – which was really good fun!

Limited Time Offer – A Diamond Conference Package in Cambridge with the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Some people exploring Cambridge!

I love hearing about ladies in business, who achieved something really amazing. It makes me believe that we can do it too…that we’ll be hopefully doing as well, a few years into the future!