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It’s been a while guys.
I do apologise. But, in all honesty, no hyperbole at all – this has possibly been the most frantic month of my life.

We’ve had the usual fun and games with DB1 and DB2; now 3 and a half and 18 months respectively. DB1 seems to have developed the attitude of a teenager overnight, and even went so far as to delight me the other day with the phrase ‘whatever’ when I told him not to do something. DB2 seems to be on a mission to break as many things in the house as possible. Put it like this. They keep me on my toes. And possibly drive me slightly more speedily towards an early grave than I would ideally like.

The business has gone completely bonkers. And I will be perfectly honest, we just were not prepared with the level of orders that we’ve had. It’s been brilliant, obviously. We couldn’t ask for better. It seems mad, that in October, we were hanging our heads in fretful panic, eying the bank statements and the outstanding invoices with a sense of impending dread, and now, in the space of one month, we are suddenly standing in so much more of a positive position. It beggars belief! But my word, the sheer level of work that business partner and I have had to devote to this, has been unreal. Seemingly endless evenings, tethered to the laptop, processing and digitising orders, working through emails, haggling over prices etc. Excessively late nights spent at the factory, frantically gift wrapping dressing gowns and towels – agonising about getting the presentation ‘just right’, whilst still being horribly aware of all the others still to do.

It’s been tough. Far tougher than we ever appreciated. But so completely and utterly gratifying at the same time. All I will say, as a parting shot on this subject- if you are thinking of setting up your own business…go for it. The sense of achievement when things start going well is AMAZING.

But lets not forget the other stress in my life..arranging Christmas. Santa has officially morphed in my mind now. From this…

Ho ho ho, and a veeery merry Christmas!







To this…

Ho ho bloody ho, and a partridge up your pear tree!!


Seriously, the stresses of preparing Christmas for 10 people is RIDICULOUS. Especially when nearly half of those are little people, with high expectations. Oh help.