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I thought I’d share an update of the Fast Diet with you all; as a lot of friends have expressed quite an interest… it seems to be a diet that is getting a bit, dare I say it, fashionable now?

Today is another fasting day; ie, another day of only eating 500 calories. Those of you who read the last post will know that the last fasting day was a bit of an epic fail. Cretin that I am, I thought that it was perfectly acceptable to use up nearly half my allowed intake on a glass of wine, then just supplement the rest with cream crackers; resulting in me lying in bed that night, clutching my empty stomach woefully, and fantasising about eating my way through an entire packet of rich tea biscuits.

So today, PLANNING has been the word of the day. Started off with a 20g bowl of bran flakes (oh, how sad and small a 20g portion is! I nearly wept into it at 6:50am this morning, after then polishing it off in about two mouthfuls. The sight of the empty bowl afterwards made me feel like weeping more, to be honest.)

Surprisingly, I felt ok for most of the morning, and rather pleasantly, I found that I had more energy than usual to play with the boys, which is fantastic. In fact, this may just be psychosomatic, but a definite side effect I’ve noticed since starting this diet (as well as the scales dropping already) is the increase in energy. For someone who regularly feels as though they have involuntarily become an extra for ‘night of the living dead’, this is a BIG plus.

Lunch was a plateful of these bad boys.

Yes, a plateful of rocket! With a teeny bit of dressing. Now, I must confess something here. That wasn’t really a hardship for me. I reeeeally like rocket. It takes me back to being pregnant with DB2, when I literally ate nothing but rocket for about three weeks, so deep and intense was my craving for it. I felt nice and full after a huge plate of the stuff, and best still, it was only 50 calories the entire meal. Nice. 

This evening, I have made the effort of preparing a super veggie chilli.

Vegetable chilli bowl
Thank you Olive Magazine for this recipe (http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3985/vegetable-chilli-bowl) and best of all…its 150 calories per serving! Whether its nice, or tastes like an enedible steaming mass of vileness, remains to be seen, and I will duly fill you in. However, the pleasant smell emanating from the slow cooker at the moment seems to suggest that I’m on to a winner. 

(and yes, that does mean that I am officially still owing 150 calories after that – shock horror! Does this mean I can have my wine after all? Yip yip hooray!)

It’s early days, but my views so far on the Fast diet have been most favourable. These are the main things I’ve noticed.


  • The weight loss seems to kick in very fast; in fact, for me, who wasn’t really trying to lose much, just to tone up a wee bit, perhaps too fast. I may come down to one day a week of fasting instead. But for those of you looking to lose more, I think this is likely to be a successful way of doing it.
  • The energy kick. Might be my imagination, but this weekend, I felt so much better than I normally do. I felt like I had way more energy to muck around with the boys, which is what I really love doing; and I hate it when I feel so drained that I end up just collapsing in a heap after a ten minute run around.
  • Being more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. This is a real plus for me. I’m a terrible grazer, and I just didn’t have any idea of the amount of times per day that I’d reach into the sweetie packet, or the fridge, or the biscuit basket for a snack, until I started paying active attention to it. I think, rather terrifyingly, that I was probably, on average, having around 3000 cals a day before (however, due to my highly stressful lifestyle, this was probably being mostly burned off!) It’s really made me think about eating quality food, rather than garbage. Perhaps explains the energy kick – slapped wrists to me!
  • The challenge is quite fun! I’m a natural planner, and today has been quite entertaining, planning how to best keep myself feeling full without going over 500 cals.

The Negatives:

  • The rapid weight loss: I would say, for those of you who don’t need to shed much, this might not be the best one to do. I’m giving it a bit more of a chance, as I don’t like judging things without proper evidence, but my instinct is that this is not a plan for ladies who only want to lose a few pounds.
  • Fasting while others gorge! I cannot describe the pain today, as I served my two boys delicious, steaming home cooked bread, followed by some of their gran’s rich chocolate cake as a treat. I literally felt something inside me die.
  • You do need willpower. I’ve got an iron will power, so I don’t find it toooo difficult. If you know you are not too great on the willpower thing though, this might not be the diet for you, or you may want to do it with a friend or spouse for support!

Anyway, hope that info helps and that someone out there finds it useful!