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Well, in spite of the odds being heavily stacked against me; I think I’ve finally managed to nail this fasting day thing.

Why were the odds so very much not in my favour, I hear you ask? (Well, I don’t, but I’ll pretend I did.)

Yesterday was really the mother of all crap days. DB2, at around 10am, started developing all the worrying signs of not being a very well boy at all. He sobbed continuously, clung to me like a little bush baby, all wide eyed and sad, then at 4pm, vomited exorbitantly over my entire person.

Fortunately, OH was working from home and could answer my desperate bleatings for help, as I sat on the sofa, drenched in vile smelling bile, whilst suspending a weeping Db2 and not really knowing quite where to start.

We then got one of the most disturbed nights we’ve had in a while, as a boiling hot youngest son wailed, sweated, then eventually snuggled up in our bed, clinging to my hand morosely, before waking, all perky at 4:45am, and making it abundantly clear that he felt much better and was all ready for breakfast.

Or else.

I was the one who trooped down with him in those wee small hours ( and yes, I confess, I gave him 5 bowls of Shreddies, but honestly, he just wouldn’t stop crying!) which of course, did not set me up at all well for a day of fasting.

Especially as we had a heavy day of work lined up as well. Yeech.

However, in spite of all these potential pitfalls, it went very well.

Mainly due to planning.

I actually bothered to pre-prepare lunch, and popped lots of veg in the slow cooker, with a bit of stock and some paprika. Simple, but barely any calories, and filling!

Breakfast was a couple of crackers and a light smear of cinnamon paste, then I enjoyed the aforementioned lunch. It wasn’t too bad actually!

Tea was a real success though. Mountains of rocket with a quern fillet, which only came in at 90 calories. So yes, I confess, had a glass of wine.

And the biggest result of all…I still have enough calories left over for 5 haribo sweets!

My life is complete!

And, I don’t know if this is because of the diet, but despite my crap night’s sleep, and hard days work, I don’t feel too knackered. Hooray!