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What was that list of ‘most stressful things in life’ again?

Divorce and death were definitely numbers one and two, but I have a sneaking suspicion that high up on that list (at least top 10) is having the builders in.

Our builders are really nice.

It’s really exciting that finally we’ll have:
– A shower that works.
– A tap that doesn’t fall off when you look at it the wrong way. (seriously, it was alarmingly temperamental.)
– a kitchen that isn’t a complete mess of hanging wires and exposed pipes.
– a house that isn’t so damp that the slugs literally have an effing party on our dining room carpet every night.



Massively, massively stressful.

The first stress was sorting out the house in readiness. Emptying the boy’s room, as it was being replastered (the chunks missing and the flock wallpaper weren’t too hot a look). Clearing the kitchen and bathroom. Trying to prevent DB2 from pulling the microwave off the coffee table (it’s new, precarious storage place.) Also trying to stop him from eating ALL the snacks, because he now has incredibly easy access to the snack basket. Uh oh.

The second stress was trying to adapt to the temporary nomadic existence. The inlaws have kindly put us up for the week, but their work commitments mean the boys need to be out of the house. Which means me, commuting each day to take DB1 to his preschool, then entertaining DB2 all day, with no home to retreat to.

Sounds easy? You try changing a rank, pooey nappy on the front seat of your car, then having to endure the stench, due to the fact that it’s pissing it down outside and you can’t unwind the windows.

The third stress…trying to cope with work whilst having nowhere to work from.

One word…. ARGH!!

Still, we’re half way through. There is a light at the end of the unsettling, unnerving tunnel.