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Finally curiosity got the better of me, and I purchased a packet of Slim Pasta.

Never heard of it? Neither had I until a few weeks ago. But some of the ladies on the 5:2 Facebook group swear blind that this pasta is the best way of filling up whilst on a fast day.

So, my verdict.

Upon opening the packet, my initial reaction was not great. To be honest, it sort of looked a bit like an octopus had died and been snipped up into little, floppy, unappetising pieces. This was compounded by the fact that I’d paid over £2 for the pleasure (a vaguely terrifying price to be honest, but I was eager to give it a go.)

I resolved to not judge a (highly unattractive) book by it’s cover, and ploughed on with cooking. Regrettably, heating it did nothing to improve it’s appearance. My stomach lurched in uneasy anticipation.

I served it with a simple sauce of tomatoes and chilli and got stuck in.

Hmm. What can I say? There isn’t much positive that I can comment on here. It had the consistency of a badly cooked slice of silly putty, the flavour of a mildly distasteful and flavourless piece of soggy fabric and was generally completely inedible.

After soldiering through half a bowl of the odious stuff, I pushed my plate away, beaten. It was either that, or vomit all over it. Seriously, if someone had forced me to have just one more bite I think I would have happily poked both their eyes out and wrestled them to the ground, rather than consume it. It was that bad.

The positives? Well, it filled me up. But come 3pm, I was hungry again. Clearly, the body is NOT fooled by a calorie free product, even if it appears bulky.

My recommendation? No matter how much of a ‘carb’ person you are…don’t do it! Fill up on yummy green veg instead.