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Good morning!

I apologise for my silence over the last few weeks. It has been a combination of rather alarming amounts of work, glorious sunny days pulling me irresistably from my laptop, and, rather more unpleasantly, a health scare, that has caused my absence.

Not my personal health scare, though in some ways, I think I’d rather prefer that. Regrettably, my husband has some potentially rather severe health threats hanging over him at present, which has caused quite a few difficulties in our lives recently.

However – one thing that has come out of it all that has been really very much on the positive side is the whole process of throwing our lives into sharp focus.

Its quite incredible really. When something unexpected and dramatic crash-lands into your life, it suddenly causes you to review everything around you and to see your life in a very different way. Actually, its no bad thing. It really makes you aware of how much you moan about really quite trivial and silly things. As Cat Powers said on her recent album – people seem to spend a lot of time ‘bitching, complaining…when some people ain’t got sh*t to eat.’

Amen to that, Ms Powers (though I still unreasonably loathe you, due to the fact that my other half has a ridiculously huge crush on you. And you are sickeningly pretty for someone who is over ten years older than me. Damn you.)

One aspect of our lives that I’ve really been focusing on is what we’re putting in our mouths.

I’d always thought that we weren’t too bad. Averagely ok, is how I would describe our diets. But recently (mainly due to us both being so busy) the amount of jars we were using in cooking has crept up. The amount of processed products has definitely increased. And when you stop and think about it – its a little unnerving, knowing that  you could so easily be putting BETTER stuff into your mouth. Rather than packet produce, with no idea of what is actually inside it.

Obviously, doing the whole fast diet had already got me started on the process of reviewing what I was eating, and some improvements had already been made. But I suddenly realised how hugely important it was to start feeding my husband well, not to mention my children. Even in the best case scenario with his health, he still stands to be diagnosed with yet another auto-immune condition. That obviously carries implications for his health in later life, and I want to make sure he HAS a later life – with me. (I want us to be that hilariously fantastic ‘deaf as a post’ old couple that totter along the seafront, eating Mr Whippy ice creams and shouting at each other…)

I also want my boys to grow up strong and fit and liking the good things in life, not growing up thinking that the best thing in the world is a trip to McDonalds (like my own youth, I am ashamed to admit!!!)

So, we’re changing our diet big style. And its processed foods OUT and whole foods IN.

Myself and the boys did the food shop yesterday afternoon. (Itself not a pleasant experience, with two tired toddlers bawling, throwing their crocs shoes off in literally every single bloody aisle and picking things off the shelves. Not to mention the continual bloody chanting of ‘can I have a Moshi Monster’.)

I felt wonderously smug and sanctimonious, watching our conveyor belt carrying our goods to the checkout lady. No crisps. No jars. No sweeties. Just piles of fresh fruit and veg, lots of other tasty products and a new anticipation for cooking! Hooray! My cooking mojo was returning!!

Last night – meal one, didn’t go too badly. Ok, so DB1 refused to eat any of it, but (and this is a major break through) he tried an olive, a cherry tomato and some cous cous. It’s a miracle. Halleloujah! DB2 was pretty keen on it all, but then, he is a human dustbin, so his opinion technically isn’t quite viable here.

OH was fairly approving too. The honey and orange griddled chicken went down a treat, as did pretty much everything else.

And of course, I had the veggie option, which was some griddled halloumi, with a small drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Which was YUMMY! (though perhaps not as healthy…!)

I will keep you posted on how it all goes, and whether we all start to feel the benefits. Fingers crossed.

On a final note – knickers. Oh lovely lovely knickers. The knickers for our business are finally arriving today! So very very exciting! They are GORGEOUS.

ImageThese aren’t actually the colour we are selling (its a bit loud for http://www.pipsgarden.co.uk, ha ha!) but it gives you an idea. And yes, I’ve bagged these ones for myself. And YES – of course the personalised sentiment is true. You unromantic lot!!!

Here’s to good health and knickers!