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If you read my previous entry, you will know that I made a bit of a resolution to start thinking about what was going in all of our mouths, and how to make sure it was good stuff, rather than rubbish.

We’ve now been doing it for a week; and to be honest, initially, I was a little scared. DB2 wasn’t too much of a worry, as he is a complete human dustbin, but DB1 was a major concern. A fussy (nearly) 4 year old, who, if given the choice, would live solely on ham sandwiches and dairy lea Dunkers. In short… A tough audience to please. I was actually secretly thinking that Jay Raynor, or some such other weighty, judgemental food critic, would be a preferable choice to cater for. And of course, OH is known for being a bit of a fuss pot too.

However. So far, so good! In fact, I’ve been amazed at how well everyone has taken to it. We’ve had some really quite ‘full on’ dishes as well, but everyone, including the highly selective DB1, has embraced it fairly well!

And for myself, also doing the fast diet, it has been the next step in clearing up my knackered, abused old body and trying to make something good out of it. A steep slope to climb, but worth the effort, I feel. (ahem.)

I sort of wanted to document it, in case there is anyone else out there thinking of taking similar action with their family; but I shan’t be doing any fancy blog layouts, or fancy photos etc, as I’m not very computer literate. But also, I don’t really want to portray myself as one of those mums who ‘has all the answers’ as I find those kind of mums a bit intimidating! I’m just a normal mum who’s having a crack at feeding the family some healthy grub, nothing more, nothing less.

I went all out this lunchtime with the meal…for a maximum overload of veg! I was completely nervous of it being stoutly rejected by all…


You will need:
– some veg suitable for kebabs, peppers, red onion, olives, carrots etc
– skewers
– olive oil (3tbsp)
– balsamic vinegar (2 tsp)
– a bit of sugar, depending how much your kids need bribing.

cooking time- allow about 20 mins.


1) pre-boil any veg that need softening up a bit, like carrots and sweet potatoes etc

2) prepare the rest of your veg.


3) mix together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sugar to make a marinade (nicked this bit off Annabelle Karmel- many thanks!)


4) stick the veg artfully on skewers, then place on a griddle pan. Brush over with the marinade.


5) fry gently for about 3-5 mins each side over a medium heat, turning fairly regularly. Until it looks right, basically.

6) Serve! I added a bit of homemade roll and some homemade sweet potato soup as a ‘dipping sauce’ but add whatever you like.


The Verdict?

I was blown away by how much was eaten. Pretty clean plates all round, apart from spurned yellow pepper (DB2) and spurned sweet potato (DB1). But otherwise, they really liked it!

The adult verdict was approving as well. We enjoyed it, the marinade gave it a really nice, rich, slightly sweet flavour. Definitely would make again.

Total cost: about £1.50 the lot, plus oil etc for sauce that I had in the cupboard. (the olives were from http://www.approvedfood.co.uk so were dirt cheap!) So- about 38p a head. Big smiles all round.