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Just a small post, as we’re not doing any recipes of interest today (mainly because OH and I are…wait for it…going out this evening. I know! A miracle! It’s my business partners birthday, plus our wedding anniversary, so celebrations all round. And I will warn you in advance that if I post tomorrow, it might sound a bit grumpy in tone, as I fully anticipate being hung over.)

I was on Facebook earlier, which I seem to use only for two things these days; one is chatting about http://www.pipsgarden.co.uk (my business!) and the other is chatting to some mummies on a lovely mummy network. Big waves to the Yummy Mummies if you are reading!

One lovely lady was talking about saving.

Its difficult, isn’t it. Especially if you aren’t earning too much. You start the month all optimistic as the pay cheque comes in, then end all despondent as you survey your overdraft and try not to panic. There seems to be a lot of people in the same boat, just about keeping afloat, but wishing they could afford to not worry about money so much.

I’m a real believer in planning, and I think that really helps to keep the costs down. I work out how much every meal will cost before popping it on the shopping list. Sounds mad, (sounds anal I can hear you thinking…) but it really helps to control how much you spend.

About a year ago, I invested in a small wipe clean board that sticks on my fridge. It was only £1.50 from EBay. But I would really, really recommend getting one yourself. This is what I use mine for:


It not only helps me plan out what I need to buy for the week (I fill it in as I do my shopping list!) but it also keeps me on track during the week. As I used to be a terrible one for buying ingredients, then forgetting what I was going to cook, which used to always result in waste. Not good.

I just wanted to share that tip…its stood me in good stead over the last year and definitely cuts wastage to a minimum.