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Worst. Day. Ever.

One of those classic days today. One of those ‘beggars belief how truly awful it was’ days. One of those ‘just want to curl up in bed and cry’ days.

It didn’t start so badly. The boys were a little bit, shall we say, mental, but that tends to be par for the course with a nearly 4 and 2 year old.

It started to teeter on the brink a little when DB2 started to get tired. When he gets tired this tends to be when he starts destroying things. Like people’s heads. So I wisely suggested to DB1 that we tether DB2 into his buggy and stride off outside for a little stroll round the block to get him to have a kip.

DB1 dutifully went along with this, and off we paced, in the drizzle, for about five minutes, until DB2 nodded off. Then we headed back to the house.

Except the door wouldn’t open. I raised a quizzical eyebrow, before reinserting the key and trying once more. Still no luck. DB1 looked up at me in confusion.

Ten minutes later, and the casual attempt had turned into a full on wrestling match with the door, trying to prise the now wedged key from the lock, whilst also trying not to weep. The effing door was well and truly stuck fast. No way back in. And, more to the point, we were now stranded outside our house with no mobile phone, no money, no car keys, no change bag, no coats or umbrellas…nothing.

We reluctantly started the epic trudge across the entirety of the city to OH’s offices. I simply couldn’t think of anything else to do. About a third of the way down, DB1 started wailing, and announced he ‘couldn’t walk any further’, so I had to manfully scoop him on to my shoulders and carry him whilst still pushing the buggy. About half way down, it started raining properly, and we started to get absolutely soaking wet.

At OH’s offices, we eventually located him, only to discover that he had a meeting until mid afternoon, so I stifled my moan of despair and headed off back into town. ‘Hey,’ I said cheerfully to the two boys in a voice of perfect faux cheeriness (DB2 had now woken up) ‘I’ve got a great idea! Let’s go to the museum!’

It was a good idea. Free, and a good way to kill the hours whilst waiting for OH to emerge. Except I’d forgotten that the sodding museum was shut on Mondays.

So, trying not to snap at a now wailing pair of boys, I then cheerfully suggested the library. I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. Even before we’d turned to head in the direction of the library, I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. DB1 – no problems. He loves the library. DB2 – nightmare. He has this natural anarchic spirit anyway, and there is something about the presence of books en masse that makes him go completely Sex Pistols and start smashing the joint up.

Sure enough, after only a few minutes, he was up to his usual tricks, kicking the lovely old rocking horse in there and screeching ‘wanna get up! Wanna get up!’ at the top of his voice (then screaming ‘wanna get down’ as soon as I put him on it). Removing all the Dr Seuss books from the shelf (and believe me, there are LOADS of them.)

I gave up after an hour, and we trudged through the pouring rain, despondent and thoroughly hacked off.

OH, when we got home, had to access the house by running through next door’s, and leaping over the garden wall (fortunately he had the back door keys), but then knackered the lock even more by fiddling with it until the bloody key snapped off inside it. ARGH!!!

Anyway, enough talk of nightmare days and naughty, bad, satanic locks.

I thought I’d just give an update on the whole fasting thing, as I know a lot of people who are starting it now and are pretty apprehensive as to how realistic it all actually is.

I’m still a fan. I’m actually down to 6:1 now, as I don’t want to lose any more weight. I still eat like a very greedy piggy on my feast days, with no hint of calorie counting whatsoever. And yes, I am maintaining, and yes, I am very comfortable with the weight I am now.

It’s true, I do have a little sigh to myself come monday morning, of ‘oh darn it, no nice treats for me today‘, but I never feel too bad about it, as I know its only a day and then the following day I can enjoy unadulterated food once more!

I’d say my attitude towards food has massively changed as well (as you might know from reading my blog and our new whole food adventure!) That can only be a good thing in my opinion. I’ve not become obsessive over it (hey, I’m sitting here right now with a glass of wine!) but I’ve become much more thoughtful about it. We eat a lot of shite as a society, just because its what’s readily available, what’s seemingly ‘cheap’ and what adverts tell us to eat. But actually, fresh, raw ingredients are way better, and its pretty obvious when you think about it.

So its all positive here – and I really would recommend it. It’s very easy to do, and once you get used to it, you barely notice it really. It just becomes the norm!