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If you’ve been following these recent entries (and bless you if you have, reading this incoherent rambling!) then you’ll know already that I really struggle with lunch times in particular with my kids.

I’ve made a few lunches recently that have been utterly delicious and healthy, but still took about twenty minutes minimum to prepare, and the reality is, sometimes you just don’t have that time. Hence why sandwiches are so appealing, they are just so quick and easy to assemble when you’re on the go and time is short!

I’ve been having a bit of a play around with the traditional bruschetta recipe, and trying to tailor it a bit more to what my boys will eat (a task in itself…they are fussy little so and so’s). Normally, I’d pile bruschettas high with lovely fresh tomatoes, but that seriously is a no-go zone for DB1, who freaks at the sight of a fresh tomato (though he is improving, thanks to this whole food regime we’re on!)

This is the end result of a bit of playing around and my boys are both in approval of it. See what your kids think and let me know!

Roasted Pepper Bruschetta

You will need:

1) One pepper, red or yellow.

2) One red onion.

3) One clove of garlic.

4) Olive oil (around three tbsp)

5) Pepper. For adults, salt too, but for kids, I leave it out.

6) Basil. Fresh is nice, we’re using dried today as it’s cheaper.

7) Two rolls, or baguettes, or ciabatta…most bread will just about do in a pinch!


How to do it:

1) Preheat the grill (fairly high temp) and whilst it’s warming up, chop the peppers and onion into strips and rings.


2) Place them on a foil lined baking sheet, with the peppers laid out skin side down. Drizzle with the olive oil and spread it over the veg as thoroughly as possible.


3) Grill until lightly browned. Meanwhile, cut the rolls in half and toast lightly.

4) Take the skin off the garlic clove and rub the bread with it.

5) Pile the bread with the peppers and onion, then drizzle a little bit of olive oil over, and sprinkle basil on top. Very nice!


Total Cost: thanks to the joys of home made bread and cheap supermarket peppers, this one was only £1.00ish in total. There were only three of us eating today, so it was
Iunch for 33p each. Bargain!

The Verdict: DB1 really liked the peppers and ate most of his onion (though said the bread was a ‘bit too garlicky’. In fairness, it was a bit. DB2 had no issues with the garlic levels though and woofed most of it down. His breath can now kill a full sized man at forty paces.

Seriously though, for a quid, you can’t go wrong, and it made a very nice change from boring sarnies!! Finally I feel I’m winning the battle of weaning Db1 off ham!