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The mission continues… Making lunch times varied and fun once more!

Today I will confess that I am majorly and I mean majorly low on raw materials to work with. (What I’m trying to say is that I badly need to get off my bottom and do a weekly shop. But can’t be bothered right now.)

So, after having a browse in the fridge, I noticed a few eggs that needed using up, a pepper that was looking a little bit forlorn and starting to go soggy, plus of course, that huge bag of red onions that need ploughing through.

Which gave me an idea for a nice, simple lunch recipe for me and the boys!

Super Veggie Scrambled Eggs

You Will Need:

1) Two eggs

2) one little pepper. (yellow or red seem to work better with kids, but green is fine!)

3) one little red onion.

4) butter

5) some lush home made granary bread. (normal shop bought will do, of course! I’m just being a ‘bread-bore’ ha ha!)

6) Fresh Parmesan to sprinkle over.

7) You can also add a few chopped chives or some flaked chilis (or even fresh chilis) for a flavour kick. The nice thing about scrambled eggs is that they are mellow enough to take on a variety of different flavours!

8) I would also normally add a splash of milk as well, but (oh the shame) I’ve run out of milk. Really really really need to go to the supermarket…


1) Crack the eggs in a bowl and, using a fork, whisk really well. The key to fluffy eggs is to whisk until the surface is bubbly and light; this will produce fluffy light scrambled eggs! Add a dash of milk (or not, if you’re like me, and have run out!) and put to one side.


2) Next, chop your onion finely and also your pepper. I leave my pepper in strips, as for some reason my kids eat them in strips but not in chunks, but normally, I’d dice it.


3) Melt a knob of butter in a saucepan over a moderate heat. (about one tbsp approx)

4) Add the onions and pepper and fry until soft, then add the egg. Leave to stand for approximately one minute, then start stirring the egg mix steadily, making sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Take off the hob whilst it is still slightly moist, as it will continue cooking in the saucepan after.



5) Meanwhile, start toasting your bread, and buttering. Pile the cooked egg mix on top, and grate some Parmesan over to finish! (I add a bit of pepper to mine too, but this is entirely optional!)


Total Cost: Roughly £1.20 I would guess. So around 40p a person (based on three eating).

The Verdict? DB1 was strongly unimpressed with the scrambled eggs, but this was unsurprising, as he generally hates them anyway. I had hoped the inclusion of pepper might appeal to him, but he just cunningly picked all the pepper out. DB2 was a bit freaked out by the onion flavour, I think next time, I will just make it half a small onion! I personally loved the strong onion taste, it works great with the flavour of the eggs, but can understand why a young kid might not appreciate it quite so much!

Ps- note for anyone preparing this meal for a younger toddler/ baby, the recommendation is of course to ensure those eggs are well cooked, so you may want to leave them on the hob for a little longer.