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My two boys always seem to be hungry. (chip off the old block then, I’m always starving!)

Like the rest of our diet, I’d got totally in a rut with their snacks. They weren’t necessarily unhealthy, but they were always the same; soreen, raisins, yoyo bars (cost a small fortune) and humzingers.

So, I’m extending the whole food adventure to snack time too. I’m getting confident, ha ha!

This is by no means an original creation, but I thought it might be useful for others to see. Though I bet loads of people do this already…

Fruity ‘Babs and Natural Yoghurt Dip

I simply chopped up some fruit we had left over (a peach, an apple and some grapes) and popped them on kebab sticks, with a little dollop of yoghurt on the side!


Total Cost: Around 50p in total? (the grapes were supermarket budget ones!)

The Verdict? Clean plates all round, then a request from Db1 for another one. A success!

PS: with kebab sticks, please be careful with little mouths. I actually let the boys look at their fruity ‘babs, then removed the sticks, as my two aren’t to be trusted with sharp pointy things! Your kids may be different, but I’d recommend caution!