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We’re off to Spain in a couple of weeks…so we’re introducing a bit of Spanish flavour in our lunch today! (with some italian cheese to placate Mr Fussy-pants, AKA my eldest son.)

Traditional Spanish Grilled Tomato Bread

You will need:

1) Olive Oil
2) Some bread (home-baked or crusty)
3) 2 vine tomatoes, nice and ripe
4) A few olives (optional)
5) sea salt and pepper
6) garlic clove
7) Parmesan (entirely optional!)


How to do it:

1) Cut four slices of bread. Heat the olive oil in a griddle pan, then cook the bread on both sides, until crispy! Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes in half and peel the garlic and put to one side.


2) Pop the cooked bread on a plate, and rub with the garlic, then sprinkle with sea salt (go easy with this for kids, for obvious reasons. For babies, leave out entirely).

3) Rub a tomato half over the bread then chop the remainder and sprinkle over.


4) Add some chopped olives for olive lovers (me and DB2!) then some grated Parmesan for the cheese lover (DB1) then serve!


Total Cost: Bearing in mind that the bread was homemade, the total cost was around 60p. So around 20p per person. Can’t go wrong with that!

The Verdict? Delicious. Seriously, utterly delicious. The fresh tomatoes work wonders with the garlic and salt. I personally wouldn’t think it needed the additional cheese, but it is up to you. DB1 loved it and polished off the lot, DB2 scraped off all the tomatoes, but I sniggered with ill concealed glee to note that, in eating the bread underneath, he’d also consumed a whole lot of rubbed in tomato juice. Mwah ha ha!