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This recipe is excellent when you are running low on supplies, on energy and need something simple to feed the kids! Basically, anything goes really…I’m pandering to my two tonight and putting their favourite foods in each; DB2 will be very much cream cheese based, DB1; cheese and ham! (but they are both getting peas…)

Super Stuffed Potatoes!

You will need:

1) One potato per child (or adult, of course)

2) choices of stuffing; I’ve gone for cheese, peas, one yellow pepper, cream cheese and ham.


How to make it:

1) Preheat the oven to 200c. Pierce the potatoes with a fork, and pop in the microwave for between 5-10 minutes, depending on size. (basically, you want them nice and soft inside, but not shrivelled!)

2) Meanwhile, if adding veg, pre-cook any green veg and cut up any others into small pieces. Great alternatives for pepper and peas are green beans, fresh tomatoes or sweetcorn!


3) Also, whilst the potatoes are cooking in the microwave, grate any cheese you are using, and slice up any meats. I’m using a tiny bit of ham for DB1s, as well as the cheese.

4) When the potatoes are done, remove from the microwave, and, using an oven glove to protect your hand, slice off the tops of them, leaving as much of the ‘innards’ as possible. Scoop out most of the inside potato into a bowl (two bowls if catering for two kids with different tastes like me!)



5) In the bowls, add what you will be mixing into your potato. (if not using cream cheese, use a splash of milk to give it some softness). Mash with a fork.


6) Scoop back into the empty potato skins. If you have any leftover grated cheese, sprinkle it on top.


7) Pop in the oven for around ten mins.

8) Then, once they have gone nice and golden and crispy, serve up, with either just a salad, or with home-made fish fingers. I’ve got a confession to make…I’m using shop bought fish fingers tonight; sometimes lack of time makes it a must!


Total Cost: £2.00 roughly, so £1.00 a head. (that includes the fish fingers in my case!)

The Verdict? It was met with approval. Hooray!