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All these chefs, they do like to claim that broccoli is a winning vegetable with kids, don’t they?

They go on about the mild flavour, the mellow taste, the interesting shape- extolling the virtues of this humble veg and seeming to assert that all young kids love broccoli by default.

Mine never have.

But then, my boys are pretty fussy creatures by nature and will naturally resist anything with any nutritional content (until we started this whole food adventure, ho ho!)

So, I am revisiting broccoli and seeing if adding a bit of cheese, may help to turn this soup into a winner with my discerning culinary critics/ sons.

Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup

You will need:

1) 2 large broccoli, chopped. (Just the florets)

2) 1 large red onion, chopped.

3) pinch of ground nutmeg.

4) One pint of milk. (Whole fat will be creamier, semi skimmed is fine)

5) One litre of vegetable stock.

6) 100g goats cheese, chopped, with the rind as well.

7) 50g butter.

8) Some crusty bread to serve.


How to make it:

1) Firstly, chop up the veg, if you haven’t already. Then melt the butter in a saucepan and gently fry the broccoli, onion and nutmeg until it has all softened up. (Around 5 minutes).


2) Add the stock and milk, then cover and simmer for ten minutes, or until the broccoli is nice and soft.


3) Get a hand blender and blitz until smooth.


4) Sprinkle with goats cheese and serve with crusty bread.


Total Cost: Around £3.00 in total, so 75p a person. Plus I’ve got lots left over for tomorrow’s lunch too! (Ps, this soup freezes well.)

The Verdict? A big, emphatic YUM from me and the OH! Delicious flavour and the goats cheese added a really tasty bite to it. DB2 was totally enamoured too, and cleared over half his bowl (impressive, given the size of the serving I gave him!) but DB1 was a little less keen. He still gave it a good shot, but was somewhat less than impressed. He liked the cheese though. So all in all, a thumbs up here!