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I, like many others out there, clocked the article that was on Yahoo’s homepage this morning.

It was an interesting read; extolling the dangers of sugar and the Western tendency to over-consume the sugary stuff. It instantly reminded me of a similar article I’d read a few months ago in The Telegraph online (you can read it here – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/healthyeating/9987825/Sweet-poison-why-sugar-is-ruining-our-health.html)

This whole ‘no sugar’ thing has been going round in my head for a while now, not least because I know other people close to us who have taken the plunge and have never felt better.

But I seem to keep making obstacles for myself. Among the excuses I keep coming up with are:

  • But I’m exhausted and I need a quick pick-me-up!
  • I’ve been really good today and now I deserve a treat.
  • I can buy it so cheaply online that it would be rude not to.

And a myriad of other ‘reasons’ as to why I need to keep munching on sweet things.

However, this whole ‘whole food’ diet that we’ve been doing has made me really review what we’ve been putting into our mouths. We’ve seen so many benefits; among which are:

  • The boys are pretty much no longer fussy. Seriously. The difference in their eating is nothing short of miraculous really.
  • They’ve also both suddenly grown. Not sure if its just a coincidence, but you never know. DB1 in particular – he’s shot up 4cm in 6 weeks, which is rather jaw-dropping really.
  • My stomach is so much flatter. I don’t mean slimmer, I mean less bloaty and less rounded. Which is only a good thing, ha ha!
  • My skin is 100% better. I used to get a lot of spots, now they are all but gone.
  • OH says he feels way less tired during the day. His energy levels have also improved.

Yet, despite all these obvious signs that eating healthily is beneficial, I still confess to reaching into the fridge for a chocolate on a far too regular basis. It’s an addiction. I admit it! I am addicted to chocolate.

Which leads me to wonder; can I crack the habit? Can I totally retrain myself and learn to look to other sources for a more healthier pick-me-up when I feel tired? Can I love anything else as a treat as much as I love sweet stuff?

It’s not a challenge I’m going to embark upon immediately, I’m currently still in the ‘changing the mind-set’ phase and am gradually cutting back at the moment (I think the shock of complete chocolate withdrawal might actually kill me. Seriously.) But I’m getting there. I’m slowly re-educating myself on food and learning to have a better relationship with it. Hooray!

On a completely contradictory note – I’m off on a big night with my business partner tonight…which means probably quite a large amount of alcohol will be consumed. Ahem. Alcohol reliance will be a whole new challenge in itself!!!