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I got told off by DB1 yesterday for not doing enough food with bread in. Ahem. He does like his bread, so this is not an unsurprising comment; however, I did take the criticism on board, and have, as a result, gone for a spectacularly bread-based feast tonight.

This one, adapted from a recipe by Anthony Worrall Thompson, is a really filling, tasty take on the humble wrap, but is plenty for an evening’s meal, particularly if you are piggy like me and eat two! Hee hee!

Moroccan Wraps

You will need:

1) Half a bag of Quorn mince (the big bag).

2) 2tbsp olive oil.

3) 2 garlic cloves, chopped.

4) 1 onion, chopped.

5) One yellow pepper, deseeded and chopped.

6) 4 flour tortillas (I’m using wholemeal)

7) A generous handful of coriander, chopped.

8) 4tbsp Greek yoghurt

9) 2 tomatoes, roughly chopped.

10) 1/2 tsp of cinammon, turmeric, cumin and mild chilli powder.


How to make it:

1) Begin by preparing your veg, if you haven’t already.


2) Heat the oil in a large frying pan and cook the mince until browned.


3) Add the onion, garlic, pepper and all the spices and simmer for around 5 minutes.


4) Place the wraps on plates, and spoon in the mince mix, tomatoes, coriander and a dollop of yoghurt. Then simply roll and serve!


I’ve added a bit of grated cheese at my son’s insistence!

Total Cost: About £4.00, so £1.00 per wrap!

The Verdict? Both boys liked the mince and the wrap itself, but were a bit put off by the yoghurt…so if I made it for them again, I’d leave that bit out I think! I personally really liked it, it was a really nice combo of flavours and the yoghurt worked well with it.