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I know that, as of late, this has been a wonderfully recipey type blog, and much fun have I had sharing my recipes with you all.

However, every so often, I feel the need to use the blog for other purposes…and today is one of those days. Yes, today, this mummy is officially HAVING A RANT.

It follows after reading this article on Yahoo today:


For those of you who haven’t read it, and want a brief summary – basically, another of those god-awful trash mags, this time Closer magazine, has been running articles about Lily Allen supposedly being ever so unhappy with her post-baby figure,desperate to be a size 10 again, blah blah blah. To which Ms Allen slammed back with alerting them that she was ‘hot and size happy’. Great comeback, by the way.

On the same Yahoo feed, the following story came up:


This one extolling how simply fabulous Colleen Rooney was, due to her remarkable post-baby figure, only 4 months (OMG hands to mouth in shock and amazement) after her birth.

It enrages me like NOTHING else.

Let’s not forget this one, shall we. The classic ‘Kate’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Regime’…printed a remarkable couple of DAYS after the poor girl had given birth to her first child.

I’m going to put this out there – just as an opinion.


Hello Magazine, Closer Magazine, Heat Magazine, whatever the hell kind of a silly name you call yourself, you are PERVERTED.

By running ‘articles’ of this nature, you are:

  • Confusing women in the extreme; and causing them to doubt themselves and their body shape, regardless of whether they’ve just gone through birth or not.
  • Brain-washing women into believing that they need to look a certain way and weigh a certain amount, regardless of body type, frame etc.
  • Convinicing women that a ‘post baby weight loss regime’ is more important than looking after their new baby.
  • Making women feel inadequate and causing a rise in eating disorders. I’m not just talking anorexia or bulemia here, I’m talking disordered eating, women who are constantly on diets, terrified of putting on a single pound in case they look ‘overweight’.

I am gob-smacked that these magazines are allowed to publish such harmful drivel. Ok, so for women of my age and above, we’re a bit more seasoned to it. We can just choose to ignore it (or better still – not buy the damned things!) and hopefully, we have the presence of mind to realise that, behind the ‘articles’ are just some journalists who don’t really know what the hell they are talking about. They are just paid to write silly rubbish under the illusion that ‘that’s what people want to read’.

However, what about the younger generation? Girls as young as 14 and 15 read these magazines; vulnerable young women going through adolescence (and lets face it, that’s hard enough, without adding to it with this sort of bullying pressure from magazines!) who become convinced that they need to weigh X amount of pounds to be happy, and nothing else will do. Who grow up thinking that after birth, they need to weigh exactly what they did pre-birth, within a few weeks of the baby emerging.

Everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by women on diets, women unhappy with the way they look, women who feel depressed because of a few perceived rolls of flab etc etc. I’m not entirely innocent myself, I often fret about my ‘mummy tummy’, which after two births, is never going to return to its previous state, no matter how many silly ‘Hello Magazine’ weight loss regimes I try. I freely admit that initially, I started the 5:2 diet to shed the pounds; but actually, reflecting upon it now, wasn’t it sad that I felt I needed to, when I only weighed 9st 2? Ok, so I did it, and I don’t regret it and I feel I’m now a healthy weight, but I look back on that, and I feel very sad that I was convinced I needed to lose extra weight.

I’m not saying the media is entirely to blame, but lets face it, it would be a hell of a lot easier to gain a healthier perspective on weight if we didn’t have this garbage shoved in our faces every time we browsed the magazine racks, or idly picked up a mag at the doctor’s waiting room.

I hope that something will happen at some point that makes the government sit up and take notice of these EVIL publications. I’m not saying gossip etc doesn’t have its place; hey, its fun to read something vacuous once in a while; but does it always have to focus on weight? On which celebrity has piled on three pounds, or which celebrity has lost three pounds and now looks dangerously underweight etc? Or which celebrity has just given birth, and *shock horror* still looks a bit fat afterwards?

Anyway – I am now stepping down from my soap box. He heh! Normal service (ie recipes) will resume tonight, with a suitably calorific one to honour this post, tee hee! (Lots of cheese in our meal tonight, yum yum!)