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Heheh. Finally found a top in the charity shop that is ripe for customisation!


This cost 99p, so not too pricey at all.

I’m going to let you in to a big secret now. EBay. And iron on transfer paper.

I managed to buy five sheets for £1.50. Simply select an image you want on your top, and print it out on your iron on paper. Like so!

Yes, I know, I’m childish. And ignore the red dots, our printer is dodgy. So for me, it’s, ahem, part of the effect.

Then, warm the iron so it’s nice and hot and don’t add water. This baby needs to be bone dry.

Trim your design and keep any surplus for further use. Make sure it’s clean and the top is clean.

Place the transfer paper design-down on your top, making sure it’s positioned correctly. Then get your iron and press firmly on it, moving around in slow circles and paying lots of attention to the edges.

Immediately peel off for a matt finish. If you want a shiny finish, leave for a minute or so.

And admire your own customised top!


Note that I forgot to trim it. Whoops. But it still looks cool. And at this price, I can make lots! It worked out as roughly £1.35 in total.

Just a bit of fun really, but it’s a great, fun way to spruce up the wardrobe without forking out a fortune! My two boys have been duly updated, with dinosaur tops galore!