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Sorry, I will just pre-warn you; this is another rant.

Some of you might have read my previous post, about how enraged I was becoming at the media’s continual obsession with the weight of celebrities. Or should I say, female celebrities, as, lets face it, 99.9% of the time, it focuses in on us chicks. Hmph.

Yet again, I spotted another article on Yahoo…A whole picture slide show, complete with commentary, on various celebs, and whether they’d…wait for it, wait for it, this is quality journalism this is…whether they’d gained weight, or lost weight! What a fascinating read, I thought! I must read this, as I really do need to know precicely what Yahoo think about Helen Flanagan’s weight loss! (Excuse me whilst I shoot myself. Seriously. Ugh.)

Helen Flanagan showing off skinny body

Here’s the link. I particularly loved the Helen Flanagan one actually, as I felt it really highlighted precisely what I was rallying against with my last rant. Yahoo put as a caption, and I quote:

“Helen Flanagan says her diet consists of crisps, which is apparently how she stays this thin. Copyright (of photo) [Helen Flanagan / Instagram / Stacey Clarke]”

Well now, this is responsible, isn’t it! There is no mention, anywhere in this statement, of the fact that surviving on crisps is unhealthy. In fact, we could probably go further…dare we say dangerous? In fact, potentially life-threatening?

Thousands of young, impressionable women are exposed to this. I really hope most of them have the good sense to realise that surviving solely on crisps is a seriously BAD idea.

However, I would wager that there are a few vulnerable women out there, women desperate to lose weight, who think to themselves; ‘hey, I like crisps…maybe I should give that a go, see if I look like Helen Flanagan in a few months’s time’.

If the media are going to make statements such as this, and expose a vast number of people to images of this nature, surely they should be under some sort of moral (if not legal) obligation to ensure that they do so responsibly? E.g. just making some sort of reference to the fact that this is really not a healthy way of living one’s life?

Seriously, I know you probably are all getting a bit tired of my ranting, but it makes me feel sick. How did our society get so completely f***ed up, that we think this is newsworthy and that we actively celebrate silly diets and unheathy fads? When did what we look like become so darned important, eh? It’s insanity and it makes me really very sad indeed.