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I don’t know what the weather is like where you are; but down here in the south west, the temperatures have suddenly plummeted! Brr!

Therefore, I feel that it is officially the season of the casserole, it being the 1st of October and all. Bring on the comfort food! (I’ll go and get my slippers on now, to celebrate…)

Sausage and Black Bean Casserole

You will need:

1) 8 sausages (I’m using veggie, meat is fine, if you prefer.)

2) 1 red onion, chopped.

3) 2 garlic cloves, chopped.

4) 1 tin of chopped tomatoes.

5) 1 tin of black beans.

6) A generous splash of red wine.

7) 1 tsp sugar.

8) 1-2 tbsp olive oil.

9) 1 tsp thyme.

10) Mashed potatoes or crusty bread to serve. (I’m weirdly serving the leftover Cous Cous from lunch time, as I remembered that we won’t be around to eat it for lunch tomorrow…waste not want not! Sorry DB1…


How to make it:

1) In a big saucepan, heat the olive oil. Add the onion and garlic and fry gently until softened, then add the sausages and cook until just browned.


2) Add the tomatoes, wine, sugar, thyme and beans. Then allow the casserole to simmer on a low heat for around 25-30 minutes.


3) Serve with mash or crusty bread. Or…er…Cous Cous. (If you have lots left over).


Total Cost? Thanks once again to Aldi and its great prices on Quorn sausages, that whole meal only cost around £3.00. Which, at 75p a head, makes it A-OK in my books!

The Verdict? Oh my word, that was delicious. I could have quite easily eaten at least twice as much as I did, it was that nice. Lovely rich flavour, and believe it or not, it worked really nicely with the Cous Cous. There you go, fusion cooking on a whole new level; Turkish and French combined! The boys were also enthusiastic, DB2 polished the lot, and DB1 made pretty good inroads too. Well impressed.