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I was having a quick browse at my emails this morning, and spotted a feature on Yahoo that captured my attention.

Here is the link:


For those who want a brief summary; Miley Cyrus has apparently recently claimed that Sinead O Connor’s iconic video for Nothing Compares 2 U was inspiration for her own latest video for Wrecking Ball. Sinead O connor then wrote an open letter to young Ms Cyrus; basically emploring her to stop prostituting herself; and that nudity and ‘licking sledgehammers’ was not the way to empowerment and was certainly not a good example to set other young, impressionable women.

This really reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a while back (who has a young daughter, just a few months older than DB1; 4 and a half years old). This friend was concerned at how she was going to handle it if her daughter wanted to wear mini-skirts, doll herself up in make-up etc etc, as she felt so strongly that it was wrong. (It was at this point that I really really felt grateful having boys instead of girls, ho ho!)

We started reflecting on it – how women are represented to us in the media these days. We have the likes of Jordan (who actually, I don’t dislike persay, as she’s a bloody savvy business woman and I can respect that, but I certainly dislike the idea of her as a potential role model to young, impressionable women!). We have women in music videos, cavorting around in next to no clothes, as Sinead O Connor so correctly says, ‘prostituting’ themselves for the benefit of seedy men drooling over them on the Internet, with zero interest in their musical ability whatsoever. Even worse still – rappers with unidentified women in ‘barely there’ thong bikinis, gyrating in the background; made into objects, barely even recognisable as people with feelings and thoughts of their own.

Think of women in films. All too often, they are there as the romantic interest, with characters that are far more flat and 2D than the male lead. Or they are portrayed as desperate and sad, until completed by a man. (Sandra Bullock – Miss Congeniality? I actually enjoy the film, but the message in it STINKS.)

Then we hark back to women like Sinead O Connor – women who dare to be a bit different; who stand up for something worth while, and who are respected for their musical integrity, rather than whether they look like they’re ‘up for it’. Kate Bush, I don’t particularly like your music, but I salute you. Ditto Adele. (really don’t get her music at all, but at least she has talent and doesn’t try to conform to a revolting image of what women should be like, or so we’re led to believe…) Amy Winehouse – ok, her life was a rather sad one, and one could argue that she was led the wrong way by a man, but in terms of who she was, she always stayed totally true to herself and her music.

I do apologise for using this blog as a way to air views, when predominantly, it’s more about ‘my wholefood adventures’ and the recipes we’ve been rustling up as a family. But I guess I kind of believe that if more people speak up…then hopefully something will change? Because the young women out there deserve something way better than thinking that they’ll only be worth something if they are pretty, or if men find them desirable. We’re worth WAY more than simply being ogled at by men! I’m not saying ‘don’t look nice’ – but its who you are that is far more valuable; and what’s going on inside, not just on the outside.

The whole ‘eating healthy’ thing has very much made me think about who I want to be, how I want my sons to see their mother…so I think this kind of links to that really. I want them to grow up thinking that women are every bit as important in this world as the men; and that pursuing women simply based on the size of her boobs or how ‘sexy’ she is, isn’t perhaps the best idea!