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I must confess, this is adapted from a Simon Rimmer recipe (The Accidental Vegetarian). It’s one of those recipes that, although seemingly quite ‘adult’ in nature, can easily be presented to appeal to kids (particularly if you tell them that the ‘shields’ are actually cheesy biscuits!

Asparagus Swords and Cheesy Shotbread Shields

You will need:

1) 175g plain flour

2) 100g butter

3) 70g Parmesan cheese, grated.

4)1 egg yolk.

5) some Asparagus

6) Some healthy Caesar dressing to top. (You can make it yourself, but as its lunch, and I’m in a hurry, I’m cheating a little!

7) A little more grated Parmesan, to dress.

How to make it:

1)Do forgive me, but I prepared the shortbread earlier. However, it is VERY easy to make, you’ll be pleased to hear. Pop the flour in a decent sized bowl, and rub through the breadcrumbs until it is all rubbed in. Then add the cheese and egg yolk, and massage with your hands until it has formed a dough. Roll out, cut into shield shapes, then cook in the oven (200c) for 8 minutes. Voila!

Our ‘shields’ complete with ‘coat of arms’ ha ha!

2) Steam the asparagus for around 4-6 minutes, or until tender. (I steam mine in the microwave and check aft 4 minutes to see how it’s looking!)


3) Artfully arrange your ‘swords’ over the shields, drizzle over with Caesar dressing, and sprinkle a tiny bit of shaved Parmesan on top. Beautiful!


Total Cost: god bless Aldi. Asparagus very cheap, hooray! It worked out as about £1.50 in total, so 50p a head.

The Verdict? A mixed bag. DB2 spurned it, but he was a write off from the start, as the poor wee guy is teething and winces when anything goes near his mouth (boo!). DB1 actually did quite well with his, he liked the cheesy shortbread and ate some of his asparagus, which is a miracle really. If I’d have served him that only two months ago, he would have rejected it before the plate had even arrived at the table! I enjoyed it a lot, but be warned, it is WAY more filling than it looks!