About Us

Oh no, not another Mummy Blogger!

I can understand that groan. After all, there do seem to be rather a lot of us about! And I think, people often wonder why we aren’t spending more time doing other things, like playing with our kids, and working.

Fair point!

However, this Mummy is no slacker, I can tell you. As well as being full time mummy to my two boys (known throughout as DB1 – the eldest, and DB2 the younger) and wifie to a man I refer to as OH (the other half!) I am also half of the business http://www.pipsgarden.co.uk and I am a freelance writer.

I like to keep busy you see…

If you want to have a chat with me, do please get in touch. I’m a fairly approachable lady, but do give me time to get back to you, as…guess what, I’m always busy, busy, BUSY!!


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